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Birth Doula Services

Current availability beginning in January

Birth doulas have been used throughout centuries as a form of support during labor and delivery. While the term "doula" has only become popular recently, we have seen the role of doulas show up time and again across different spheres. Prior to having my own daughter, I became intrigued as to how the experience of labor seemed to connect both the prenatal and postnatal period in a profound way. This curiosity led me to complete a birth doula training, which quickly led to supporting women during labor in different settings - hospitals, homes, and birth centers.


As a birth doula, it is my goal to make sure that you feel empowered, confident, and prepped prior to your birth. My doula services include two prenatal sessions, the birth, and one postpartum session. The prenatal sessions are tailored to the needs of the birthing person/couple, and very often include birth education and discussions around evidence-based options. As a doula, I am on call 24/7 both via phone and text in order to assist with any questions you have and for when you go into labor. Following the birth, I meet with clients for a session to assist with any newborn care questions, as well as to provide feeding assistance. 

Please contact me regarding pricing and service options.

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