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Sharing the stories and experiences of clients to better understand the experience of working together.

Nadia S.

My husband and I decided to work with a doula towards the end of our pregnancy and I couldn't believe that we were lucky enough that Stephanie was available. She was a pantheon of support. During our prenatal visits she helped us create our birth plan and helped us think through things that we wouldn't have even thought to address. She also took us through Baby 101 which as new parents, despite taking classes, we desperately needed as a refresher. My labor went on for what seemed to be like forever, and Stephanie was there every minute as my champion, coach, and partner. My husband trusted her so much that he was able to get some rest while Stephanie and I paced the hospital floors and did exercises to get to active labor. While I chose to have an epidural towards the end, I can't imagine doing things naturally without having Stephanie there, till the point that I was able to. During our postnatal visit, it felt like catching up with an old friend. It was amazing to share our experience with her and to have her be a part of our daughter's arrival into this world, which Stephanie documented masterfully with her camera.

Jessica B.

Where do I start with Stephanie?! Stephanie is one of the most genuine, warm and caring people I have ever met and I feel so lucky that her and I shared the journey of baby Freddie together. I expected to have to interview at least a handful of Doulas but the minute I met Stephanie she already felt like a life-long friend. For someone like myself who initially struggled with the (rather unexpected and surprising) concept of being pregnant, my meetings with Stephanie made me feel increasingly relaxed and even excited (!) about the upcoming birth. She had such faith in me as a strong independent woman and was so calm and relaxed about how I was going to cope, that she made me feel capable of anything! She also has zero judgement and whole heatedly understands that this is YOUR birth story and plan and you must do what feels right for you. Without any pressure, Stephanie simply guides and opens your mind to possibilities you hadn't even considered previously and to this day, I am so pleased that Stephanie encouraged me to hold off longer than I thought I would with my epidural - it made me feel like a fierce mama! Stephanie is also a truly incredibly professional photographer and her maternity shots, birthing and baby photos are not only beautiful and natural but also tell a story - they've been admired by so many for the raw emotion they convey. A massive thank you to Stephanie for always being available for me, for truly empowering me and helping shape me into the mother I am today. Freddie and I owe you a lot and you will forever be part of our story.

Rebecca J.

Stephanie is a kind, patient and caring doula who brings confidence and understanding to the table.  Her wealth of knowledge during labor and delivery is reassuring, especially when you are yelling "I can't do this anymore!"  Stephanie is there every step of the way to encourage, soothe and help you through the process.  I am a single mom and was looking for someone to support my birth from beginning to end.  My labor escalated very quickly at home and Stephanie rushed over to help me get to the hospital.  I was throwing up in the car on the way over to the hospital and she held the pan, kept me calm and breathing through it, acknowledging that this it was all normal and part of the process.  Once we arrived at the hospital I was already 9cm dilated and had to push for four hours.  Stephanie never wavered.  She was there every step of the way to make sure I was comfortable and breathing.  She also made sure I understood what was going on around me when things seemed a little overwhelming.  My beautiful baby girl was born healthy and happy through a vaginal delivery without drugs.  I am so thankful to Stephanie for all her patience and guidance.  I couldn't have done it without her and would recommend her to anyone who needs a partner during labor. 

Erica M. 

When I decided to have a doula for the birth of my second child I assumed that I would be getting some additional support during the labor. What I didn't realize is that Stephanie provides so much more. Even though I'm fortunate to live close to all of my family and friends, having Stephanie as a doula made me feel like I always had someone in my corner. Someone who was there to provide an encouraging word, or to give advice on how to nourish your post-baby body, or just to listen when I wanted to vent about my lack of precious sleep. I missed out on having a doula for my first baby, but if I have another one Stephanie will be the first on my call list! 

Monica N.

We highly recommend Stephanie as a Doula! She provides such an incredible service and is absolutely fantastic at what she does and what she offers is truly priceless. She spent plenty of time (we never felt rushed) with us on each meeting prior to the big day and she was a complete rockstar on the actual birth. We loved how open she was, how easy to work with she is, and how non-judgmental she is. Stephanie also came by many visits after our little one was here too because she is just that kind of a person. This was not part of the service and she just genuinely cares and is so nurturing. What she has over anyone else is her incredible energy that she brings to a room. I know for a fact that I had the birth that I had because of this wonderful woman being there to guide me so beautifully with her loving and calm ways. She was hands down my eyes and ears (which all women need in these moments) and I’ll be forever grateful for this. A bonus that we also appreciated was some photography Stephanie captured on our magical day! Stephanie has a gift to light up the room and make everyone feel at ease. She has such a beautiful heart and incredible smile that is so genuine. She just makes you feel good being around her and she’s an amazing person to know in general. We can see why she was so highly recommended. I plan on using her again and can’t recommend her enough to anyone on their pregnancy journey!

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